Psychological Services

Psychological Assessment and Therapy

 Individual Therapy- 1 hour sessions

Individual therapy focuses on resolving the issues that are troubling you or your child/adolescent at the current time.

Initially we will identify the goals you want to accomplish and work together to identify techniques that enable you to make the positive changes you are seeking. 

We will work through an achievable series of steps on the path to resolving these issues, release you or your child/adolescent from past negative patterns, enabling you/them to move forward and enjoy life more fully.

Robina Town Medical Centre & Easy T Medical Centre

Robina Town Medical Centre

Arbour Lane

Robina Town Shopping Centre

Upstairs opposite Target

Easy T Medical Centre

42 Scottsdale Drive

Varsity Lakes

(07) 5503 6333 

Monday & Friday - Easy T Medical Centre

Saturdays - Robina Town Medical Centre


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses- 8 weeks

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week Course- Gold Coast- Robina

 MBSR • Please email or phone me for more information or to book

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is everywhere these days. Big companies are offering staff mindfulness courses to manage stress and improve attention, concentration and job performance. Schools are teaching mindfulness to children in the classroom. Research in the health sector has found that learning mindfulness can lead to improvement for people experiencing a wide range of health conditions such as cancer, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and stress. Studies are finding that changes in the brain are possible after only 8 weeks of participation in a mindfulness course such as MBSR.

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention, on purpose, with an open hearted curiosity, to the present moment - what is happening in your body, your mind and the world around you. Regularly practising mindfulness meditation is the way to cultivate greater mindfulness.

What to expect?

- A weekly 2.5 hour class, for eight weeks

- One full day retreat on a Saturday 

- Mindfulness practices and gentle yoga

- Exploration of habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and action

- Brief talks and discussions in pairs and as a group

- A commitment to 30-45 minutes daily practice

- Participant workbook and practice audio recordings

What is MBSR?

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (as seen on Catalyst-ABC) is an internationally recognised, widely

researched 8-week course that is the gold standard in mindfulness training. MBSR is suitable for both the absolute beginner, as well as those who have been exploring mindfulness, but would like more than an

app or a book.

MBSR focuses on teaching participants to live in the present, being aware of what is happening right now,

instead of dwelling in the past or the future. Cultivating this ability to observe, without judgement, can help

us to respond to our experiences with clarity and focus, rather than reacting out of old habits and patterns.

About the teacher

Robyn is a clinical psychologist trained to teach MBSR and adheres to standards of best practice for mindfulness interventions that are established by training arms in Europe, USA and Australia. Robyn brings a warm and practical approach to mindfulness training. Her focus is on each participant gaining an experiential understanding of how applied mindfulness practice can help us to work wisely and compassionately with lifes challenges.

Costs and Dates

Cost: $500 (inc GST)- Participants with a Mental Health Care Plan from a GP are eligible for a discount rate of $250 (Medicare pays rebates per session) 

Term 1: Thursday February 14th-April 4th 2019

Term 2: Thursday May 2nd- 20th June 2019

Term 3: Thursday Aug 1st- 19th Sept 2019

Term 4: October 10th-Nov 28th 2019

0401 299 736

FREE Mindfulness Based 8 week Course for Parents- Griffith University- Southport

Please email or phone me for further information or to book

Coping with parenting is demanding, both in terms of caring for our own well being, and the well being of  our children. Mindfulness can be a particularly useful as a way to manage the stress and demands of parenting and the associated  challenges. 

Mindfulness based 8 week course for parents aims to teach alternative ways of coping with the challenges, so that parents are more able to be present in their life with their children, rather than consumed with stresses and difficulties. 

Mindful parenting is suitable for parents who experience stress (all of us!) as well as parents who have mental health problems.

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